About Kelly

Was Kelly born to be a project manager?  

"Absolutely," responds this multi-tasker extraordinaire who says she gets great satisfaction from striking things off a to-do list.  

At PGM's production center, Kelly takes your marketing project from start to finish with a sharp eye for detail. Clients say they love working with Kelly because she easily guides them through the production process with a style that's "focused and friendly." With keen proofreading and editing skills Kelly is known for taking the extra time to make sure a client's project is letter perfect -- and always on schedule.

When Kelly schedules in some time for fun, you can find her reading and reviewing books, attempting Pinterest projects and watching baseball.  She loves MLB, but her favorite team is her son's Little League team.  This mom of two boys is also the multi-tasker extraordinaire at home, a skill her husband says is "absolutely amazing."

We think Kelly is amazing, too.

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