Multi-Channel Marketing

What is “Multi-Channel Marketing?”

If you have a few million dollars to spend on engaging your loyal donors, you could buy billboards, produce tv commercials, launch a radio campaign and run slick advertisements in top publications.  These are multiple channels.

Even if you had a few million dollars, these “channels” aren’t where your loyal donors are waiting for your important messages.

Here at PGM, we’ll develop a multi-channel marketing solution for you that will help you interact with your prospects using a combination of authentic and relevant communications and marketing channels. This will give your donors the power to choose how they prefer to respond.

Though multi-channel marketing, we increase the likelihood of reaching your prospects when they are attentive, receptive and willing to act.  At Planned Giving Marketing we use direct mail, email and customized internet landing pages together for best results.  We employ personalization, segmentation and versioning to deliver messaging with the greatest impact. And we’ll work with your existing brand guidelines to create a consistent donor experience across all channels.  You’ll give your donors a reason to engage with you and you’ll get results!

Be inspired!  

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