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Catholic Charities

Real stories. Really donor-centric!

As fundraisers, we always hear about making our marketing and communications more "donor centric."  That doesn't mean all you have to do is use the word "YOU" in your messages! To have truly donor-centric marketing and communications, it's important to actually engage your donors with stories and information that are newsworthy, interesting and relatable.

That's why our client chose to feature some wonderful donors/volunteers in the communications series created by the PGM creative team.  These donors graciously shared their stories about WHY they care about helping others and WHY their volunteer work at Catholic Charities is so personally rewarding. Inspiring, real-life stories engage your readers, and when you feature donors/volunteers, your readers make an even stronger connection to your mission.


Our client organized a professional photo shoot to ensure the highest quality images.  The featured donors/volunteers were photographed "on site" and in action, which makes for much better photographs. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and a photo should be able to tell a story without using any words at all.  Photos matter!


A truly integrated marketing campaign leverages existing content, so the Catholic Charities series of pieces features the same donors.  For instance,  photos from the same photo-shoot are used in the newsletter/brochure with an expanded story.

About Catholic Charities:

For more than 80 years Catholic Charities has helped disadvantaged people, especially the homeless and those with mental and developmental disabilities in the the Washington, D.C. Area.  Dedicated professionals and volunteers are dedicated to helping people of all faiths move from crisis and isolation — to stability and hope.

A special thanks to Catholic Charities, Archdiocese of Washington and all the good people who serve their important mission.

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