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Grand Rapids Community Foundation

Inspiring Stories Shared…Messaging Personalized.

The Challenge:

Grand Rapids Community Foundation told us they have a really good handle on the technical aspects of planned giving, and they’ve been very successful working with families and professional advisors to design gift plans that fit the needs and intentions of these donors.  As a community foundation, however, they serve a very diverse donor base with very diverse philanthropic interests.  The arts, education, preservation, and health and welfare causes are just some of the missions donors support through the community foundation.  Crafting a marketing message to resonate with all their best planned giving prospects, attentive to the varied community causes they support, was the challenge. 

Traditionally, direct marketers were limited to a ‘one-size-fits-all’ message.  Copy that spoke to everyone often resulted in a message that spoke to no one.  PGM worked with Grand Rapids Community Foundation to engage donors with messaging that was tailored to each segment of their donor base, and speak to them on a more personal level.  

The Solution:
Grand Rapids Community Foundation already had great branding and compelling content.  PGM leveraged these assets to implement a story-based, multi-channel marketing campaign to connect with donors through direct mail, email and internet landing pages – and elevated the program with one-to- one versioning and personalization. Using data from the foundation’s donor files, PGM tailored messages to reflect each donor’s individual giving history.  The number of years they had been giving to the Foundation and their areas of support were woven into the stories.  Not only were the donors addressed by name, but they were thanked for a specific number of years of giving and reminded how the areas they support have benefited the community. 

Donors were asked, ‘Will you always love Grand Rapids?’ by making a planned gift to carry on after their annual giving ended.  Interested responders were guided to a personalized landing page via a PURL, where they were greeted by name, offered an opportunity to download useful information and provide feedback -- actionable leads for the planned giving team at the Grand Rapids Community Foundation.

PGM’s expertise in data-driven personalization can deliver for your institution as well.  Personalization doesn’t have to be complicated – and it works!  Recognizing a donor’s loyal giving and targeted support is a strategic way to show you’re paying attention... and it definitely prompts attention in return.  

Does this sound good to you? 

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