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Smith College
12-Month Marketing/Stewardship Plan with Segmentation

Your donors are more likely to consider a planned gift when you market consistently and ‘authentically’.

Would you like to get more organized and strategic with your marketing?  You can – marketing plans don’t have to be complicated.

PGM helps their clients to develop comprehensive marketing strategies that get the right message to the right donors – according to plan.  Relevant customization and personalization based upon donor demographic and philanthropic profiles are more effective than generic, impersonal messaging.   Identifying key segments in the donor file and placing a priority on the most-likely prospects enables organizations to increase the frequency of messaging where it’s needed without neglecting less promising prospects altogether.

“PGM worked with us to develop a segmentation strategy.  We learned that we needed to put more effort into our current society members -stewardship matters.”  Sam Samuels, Smith College

Smith College came to PGM with a ‘preferred problem’ – Grecourt Society members (Smith’s planned giving society) make up a significant portion of their donor base.  These donors are the torch-bearers of the planned giving program so including them in the marketing communications strategy was imperative.  But sending them the same message as their not-yet-member counterparts simply wasn’t appropriate.  To honor these women while continuing to market to them PGM develops Grecourt versions with subtle tweaks to the copy that acknowledge these donors’ status.

To further steward this group, Smith and PGM developed a Grecourt-only mailing to honor Mountain Day – a Smith Tradition dating back to 1877.  The mailer couldn’t have been any simpler-a postcard thanking Grecourt members for making future Mountain Days possible.   No mention of planned gifts, no call to action – yet gift officers report seeing the nostalgic postcard pinned to bulletin boards when they make their donor visits.  Stewardship matters.

Does this sound good to you? 

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